Get on Board

The Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA) established the Get on Board campaign in January 2017. We hope to encourage sitting board members to offer their expertise for another term, urge motivated community members to accept the challenge of volunteer board work, and persuade persons of color to run.

Why? The May 2015 election saw the lowest number of school board candidates in a decade, even though these locally elected positions can have profound effects on young people – our future. Local board members establish budgets and policy, hire the chief executive, and more. It is vital volunteer work that changes lives.

Where do you come in? To prepare prospective board members, OSBA’s Board Development team offered two webinars in February 2017. If you missed these opportunities to learn more about how boards function before you decide whether to run, you can watch them here.

Please take this opportunity to “Get on Board” and help make the decisions that will shape our children’s future.