Get on Board

The Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA) established the Get on Board campaign in 2017, and it has been running strongly every two years since. Even during a pandemic and distance learning our students still need great volunteer school board leaders.

Why? We hope to encourage sitting board members to offer their expertise for another term, urge motivated community members to accept the challenge of board work, and persuade persons of color to run.

Where do you come in? To prepare prospective board members, OSBA Board Development staff members is offering two free webinars. Please take this opportunity to “Get on Board” and help make the decisions that will shape our children’s future.

As you consider running, think about what being a board member means to you, your family and your community.

Oregon’s school districts, education service districts (ESDs) and community college districts are governed by elected boards. Board actions affect the families of hundreds — even thousands — of students and employees.

Your duty will be representing all students, staff and community members as you work with other board members to craft policy.

What do school board members do?
Find out more in this video: