Get on Board and become a voice for Oregon students!

Being a school board member can be both rewarding and challenging, and school boards provide a vital public service for Oregon students. To help prospective candidates answer questions about the process and prepare them to become school board members if they are elected, OSBA Board Development staff offered two free webinars in January

Information Session

In this webinar, Board Development specialists covered:

  • Roles and responsibilities of school boards in Oregon
  • The authority and limits of a school board
  • The importance of board member relationships with fellow board members and the superintendent
  • Qualifications to run for a board position
  • The election process
  • Financial and time commitments

Board and Student Panel Discussion/Q&A

In this webinar, a panel of diverse experienced board members were joined by Oregon high school students enrolled in REAP, a local multicultural youth leadership nonprofit organization for a Q&A session. Board members shared:

  • Their experiences running for a board position and why they decided to run
  • Recommendations/tips for how to run for a board position
  • Information about the impact a diverse board can have on student achievement
  • Questions and issues around diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Why everyone, including BIPOC and younger generations, should consider running for board positions